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Service Rates.

Campus has many service packages to keep you bike in top condition

Basic Tune Up

      • Adjust brakes, gears and bearings.
      • True wheels and air tires.
      • Check and tighten all fasteners and lubricate chain.

Major Tune Up

        • Basic Service, Plus:
        • Remove and clean drive train components.
        • With chain replacement, $85 plus the cost of the new chain.

Deluxe Tune Up

          • Basic Service, Plus:
          • Includes new brake, shift cables and housing.
          • Upgrade to premium brake and derailleur cables is extra.

Pro Tune Up

            • Deluxe Service, Plus: Drive train clean
            • Grease injecting hubs.
            • Upgrade to premium brake and derailleur cables is extra.

*Dirty drive trains shorten the life of your components. A clean drive train will extend the useful life expectancy of your gears and chain.

*Deluxe and Pro Service may require the purchase of bar tape.

Minor Overhaul

              • Clean and adjust gears.
              • True wheels and overhaul hubs.
              • Replace headset bearings.
              • Adjust brakes and install brake pads.
              • Service bottom bracket.
              • Install new cables and housing.

Major Overhaul

    • Stage One Service, Plus:
    • Detailed cleaning of frame.
    • Removal and detailed cleaning of all components.
    • Head-tube is cut and faced.
    • Bottom Bracket threads are chased.
    • Bottom bracket shell cut and faced.

**Does not include cost of brake pads, bar tape, and bearings

General Disclaimers
-Tune up packages may include additional labor when installing new parts. This labor is prorated from our standard rates.
-Prices above are for black housings, price will vary for other color options.
-Bikes that include electronics, hydraulics, or suspensions may incur additional labor costs.